Articles, book chapters and other publications produced during the course of this project:

Taking Space by Eva Ursprung, paper presented at the 2023 SETI Conference, “Evolution of the Unkown”, IFI-LIP (Institut Francais Indonesia), Yogjakarta, Indonesia, 15 July 2023; published in the conference proceedings.

Digital Mobility book chapter

Digital Mobility / Mobile Thinking” by Helen Varley Jamieson, chapter in “Mobility in Culture: Conceptual Frameworks and Approaches“, featuring a case study of Mobilise/Demobilise. Produced and published within the “i-Portunus Houses – Kick-Start a Local Mobility Host Network for Artists & Cultural Professionals in All Creative Europe Countries” on behalf of the European Commission, by a consortium of the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V. and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

The UpStage user manual is available in English both as a website (regularly updated) and a downloadable PDF. The PDF is also available in German and Swedish, but please note that as the UpStage software is in constant ongoing development, the English language website version of the manual will normally be the most up to date.