Articles and book chapters produced during the course of this project:

Taking Space by Eva Ursprung, paper presented at the 2023 SETI Conference, “Evolution of the Unkown”, IFI-LIP (Institut Francais Indonesia), Yogjakarta, Indonesia, 15 July 2023; published in the conference proceedings.

Digital Mobility book chapter

Digital Mobility / Mobile Thinking” by Helen Varley Jamieson, chapter in “Mobility in Culture: Conceptual Frameworks and Approaches“, featuring a case study of Mobilise/Demobilise. Produced and published within the “i-Portunus Houses – Kick-Start a Local Mobility Host Network for Artists & Cultural Professionals in All Creative Europe Countries” on behalf of the European Commission, by a consortium of the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V. and the Kultura Nova Foundation.