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Meetings meetings meetings …

The Mobilise/Demobilise team has had so many meetings – project meetings, as well as research meetings, workshops, training sessions, rehearsals, developer meetings and more – almost always crossing multiple time-zones and geographical borders. Our latest meeting was of the project partners, as we work on reports and completing the last of the project’s deliverables. Petra Schmidt (CCT) led the meeting, with an agenda that included finances, participant survey results, translations, business plan and developer report. Present were Eva Ursprung, Sara Larsdotter Halqvist, Vicki Smith and Helen Varley Jamieson.

One of the main agenda points was the booklet which we are producing to document the project. This will include texts and images from the many performances and events, information about the partners, feedback from participating artists and audience members, and reflections on the themes as well as many photos and screengrabs from the activities. It will provide an important documentation of so many ephemeral live events that are hard to capture in video or other media.

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