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Mobilise-Demobilise at LGM

Mobilise/Demobilise will be presented at this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM), taking place in France and online.

In the presentation “UpStage – mobilised!“, Helen Varley Jamieson will introduce the Mobilise/Demobilise project and artistic concept, and explain how in this context we are “mobilising” UpStage. She will demonstrate the platform in its current beta state, and be joined by one of the developers to talk about the tech and answer questions.

UpStage has been presented many times at LGMs over the years, and it is through this connection as well as FLOSS Manuals that our wonderful interface designer Elisa Godoy de Castro Guerra has become involved with the project. The LGM is an important meeting place for developers and users of open source software for graphics and related fields. There are always good discussions around the state of open source and other issues affecting collaborations between developers and artist-users of open source software.

UpStage at LGM