Artist News

Take Your Space in UpStage

In conjunction with’s Skillsharing Herbst, Eva Ursprung and Helen Varley Jamieson are giving an UpStage presentation (21 November 2023) and workshop (27 January 2024).

The theme of “Take Your Space” follows on from the “Taking Space” workshop in April 2023 with the Mobilise/Demobilise team. Initially inspired by the current ventures into space for commercial ends such as mining and tourism, and the potential environmental and political consequences of such activities, the theme also relates to the act of taking one’s place in the world. We invite new players to take their space in UpStage – to create their own stages and performances in a virtual space that is truly ours.

The presentation takes place online and at in Graz, and will provide a general introduction to the new UpStage platform and the features it offers for creating live online or hybrid performances. UpStage is unique in that it combines all kinds of digital media such as images, audio, animation, text, live drawing and live audio-visual streams in a single browser-based interface, allowing artists maximum creativity and giving easy access to audiences globally.

The workshop takes place at KiG! in Graz. There is more information on the website and you can register for the workshop by emailing