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Presentation at Eclectic Tech Carnival

In June, Mobilise/Demobilise will be presented at the Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) in Berlin, as part of the “UpStage UpDate” presentation on Friday 7th June.

UpStage’s history with the /ETC goes back to 2004, when the very first version of UpStage was presented and used to stream live images from the event to the world. Since then, UpStage workshops and presentations have been given at many /ETCs, where the project has received a lot of support. Current lead developer Gloria first learned about UpStage at the 2007 /ETC in Austria. The /ETC is a gathering of feminist developers and artists who come together to share skills, network, learn, hack and create using open source software.

This year, the UpStage UpDate will focus on the mobilisation of UpStage as part of Mobilise/Demobilise. Helen Varley Jamieson will present the theme and the activities as well as the rebuilt software.

Eclectic Tech Carnival 2024