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A Duologue with Vicki and Helen

Mobilise/Demobilise is to make an appearance in Aotearoa New Zealand, as part of a retrospective exhibition of the work of Vicki Smith, co-founder of UpStage and part of the Mobilise/Demobilise artistic team.

Events during the exhibition include Duologue (6-8pm NZ time Thursday 4th Feb), which is a conversation between Vicki and fellow UpStage co-founder Helen Varley jamieson, discussing the current rebuild and “mobilisation” of UpStage in the context of the Mobilise/Demobilise project.

On The Other Hand – from digits to digital and back again showcases the various projects Vicki has engaged in over the last three decades. Gallery visitors can use both digital and analogue tools to explore the works. The exhibition opensĀ  on Monday January 18 2021 and runs until February 13.

On the other hand - Vicki Smith