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Helen Varley jamieson and Gloria W. presented UpStage and the Mobliise/Demobilise project at the 2021 FOSSASIA summit on 20th March, 12:30pm CET. They gave an update on the Mobilise/Demobilise project and demonstrated the current state of the UpStage platform rebuild, which entered beta testing on 14 March.

Scroll down and watch:

  • the short video that we made for the presentation;
  • the recording of our presentation.

The FOSSASIA Summit took place online and in Singapore from 13-21 March, with more than 160 speakers from 33 countries. With all events free to attend, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about open technologies and to connect with lead developers and technologists from Free and Open Source software (FOSS) and Open Hardware projects from around the world.